Winkyboo, Gurgaon – What to expect?

What to do if you child is bored of the same routine at home, play ground or at school? The first option for me is to do something that allows constructive activity--one that triggers his brain functions or involves him in some kid of physical activity. Something that is relatively new or in a different form. After some days of routine lifestyle, me and my friends decided to take our little ones to a newly opened indoor playground nearby -- 'Winkyboo'. This was supposdely Gurgaons first all soft indoor playground, which has now opened its another branch near to our place. Here's a quick review of Winkyboo, Nirvana baed on my experience. Hope this helps you in planning your trio with the little one.


What to expect?

Soft play

After entering the arena, you will find two closed plastic tube slides attached to a climber-cum-agility-hurdle set on one side where kids dip into the ball pall. and a rock climber wall and a sponge square pit on the opposite side. While I did feel the space could have been bigger, but it was enough to encompass and keep a group or 8-10 toddlers busy at one time.

Pretend play:

Next to the soft play is a very well deigned pretend play room. Good quality pretend play toys, wonderful costumes and beautiful ambience. From fire-man's dress to a doctors coat, from a breakfast table to a kitchen set, from large building block to small wooden toys, you will find all sort of role play items. I found this room way way intersting than many role plays items I have seen in recent past. Definitely enough to keep the toddler busy for a while, while you grab a bit at their cafe. Well kept and well done, Winkyboo!

Eat while they play:

Aethetically, this cafe is beautiful! I do find the pricing a little high but nevertheless, a short break with mom friends while the kids are busy playing outside is definitely worth it. Not too much options on the menu, but enough to come out with a satisfactory satiety.


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