What should you NOT do at the Taj Mahal?

What should you NOT do at the Taj Mahal?

Thinking to visit the Taj Mahal with kids? Here’s what you should NOT do.

  1. Cancel the plan or change the plan. What? Yes you read it right. This TRIP might experience TANTRUMS. Read next for answers.
  2. This wonder of the world has restrooms (next to parking) in such a pathetic state that I feel sorry for the tourists. And, to the authorities, it’s a shame. I strongly feel that the management really need to buck up and make public places safe for everyone specially when it comes to basic necessities.
  3. Be aware of vendors selling anything before you enter the Taj. You can get all of that from inside, relatively clean and cheap.
  4. Don’t walk from the parking until the entry. Use golf carts. Save energy. Indian summers can suck up all the energy.
  5. Avoid pack big bags. Only sanitizer, water, mobiles are allowed. Baby food is acceptable.
  6. Don’t stand in queue, you’ll never get your way to the golf carts. Fight for the seat people! It’s India. Several don’t understand the language of sense and sensibility. (If you get the pun)
  7. There was a guy asking for ‘offerings’ (money) at the coffins of the emperor and the lady for whom this majestic wonder was built. I fail to understand why were currency notes offered by some, and dropped on the floor? We advise you don’t, but it is your call. I honestly don’t know where is that money going.
  8. Don’t go with the crowd. Find your peace at empty spots. There are plenty. This is for your safety.
  9. Don’t be fooled by guides luring to help you out with photos. Use phone’s auto mode.

You can guess how much I enjoyed the visit from the above but the good part lies below.

  • Arjun learnt a thing or two about the monument
  • a breather from the mundane chores
  • a happy (but tiring) family outing
  • some great clicks
  • wonderful car ride !!

Have you been to the Taj? Share your experience with us, we’d love to know. We also visited the Qutub Minar and Lotus Temple. DO give that a read if it is on your list.


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