Why this blog?

Parenting is a difficult and ongoing task, and when it comes to traveling with kids, it becomes even more challenging. Time and again we have read and observed that travel brings in more positives than negatives, both as a family and as an individual. Long vacations, or short trips or just a day long excursion to the nearby weekend getaway, all of them binds you stronger as a family. According to researchers, one of the best ways to teach is take them out for excursions and trips. The world becomes their classroom and shared experiences, enrich their learning.

So, what does it take to plan a fun and relaxed vacation with kids? What makes traveling special and how can you make the most of your trip together? Where do you want to go Vs where should you go with kids? What places to cover vs What places can you cover with kids?

Answers to these and many other questions are available just a click away now, and all of us have made a habit of Googling before stepping out. So we thought why not contribute to the online world with our bit and help parents plan their travel with our ongoing travel recommendations and learnings. We hope they will be relatable.

Why traveling with kids is a good idea?

travel with kids

While there are numerous ways to help kids learn, but if travel is on your cards, I'd say there is no better way to give them the experience they need. Whether you are travelling with kids or without, it defines you and them, travel makes us modest, travel widens our perspective and travel helps us appreciate the little things in life. That, I feel is a great start to parenting and learning for your little one.

You will wonder how is that going to be easy at all? Raising a baby takes a village then how will travelling with kids going to be easy or fun or lets say, possible? I question that too, every single time a trip is planned! Questions that you never imagined are all over your mind.. will that place have a baby room? Can you take a stroller? What should I keep in the diaper bag? What should I pack to eat? Is that place baby-friendly? Is my flight going to accept the food I am packing? etc etc.

But one thing I know for sure is, You will eventually be able to do It! Once you are out of your comfort zone, you power to plan, foresee and execute multiplies manifold. You succeed and sometimes you fail. either ways you gain experience!

Therefore, in this blog we write about our travel stories and parenting learnings gained from them. We share stories of our travel with our toddler, our recommended places to visit, toddler's travel essentials, dos and donts, and much more. We hope it helps your plans and you enjoy reading it.