Our first hand experience of Grindelwald First with a toddler

There is not one corner or a region in Switzerland that is not picturesque. Be it the Alpine mountain range or the serene deep blue lakes or the lush green meadows, there is no doubt that you won't be blown away by the beauty of this place. It sometimes feels like God has sparkled all his beauty dust on this place... kind of makes me jealous of the people born and living here. But I do also feel we were fortunate enough that we planned this trip and experienced some of the most beautiful places of this wonderland. While there was still enough left to be explored but something is always better than nothing, right?

The photos or videos on the internet also don't do justice to its purity and serenity. As Mr. Husband quotes: 'Switzerland is a treat to the eyes, quite literally. Its is so beautiful, crisp and clear that who knows living here might just improve your eye sight' haha!

We went in mid-May of 2019 and during our entire trip, we were waiting for a relatively clear sky and warm weather so that we could plan a visit to Grindelwald. After three days, weather forecast predicted that Sun will show up on Tuesday and so we packed our bags to go to Grindelwald from Iseltwald via Interkaken.

Like I have mentioned in my earlier posts also that we keep looking for some kind of adventure in our trips and therefore, there was no doubt that Grindelwald would have skipped from our itenrary. Why not Jungfrau? Several reasons: budget, baby and brrr.. super cold.

What is Grindelwald and Grindelwald First?

Eiger North face

Grindelwald, a beautiful and largest mountain village at 3,392 ft is located in the Alps of the Jungfrau region (the Bernese Oberland). Right at the base of the mighty Eiger North face, you are literally standing in between the Bernese Alps, at Grindelwald. Can it get any better than this? Yes. The First!

Grindelwald First is a mountain peak on the slopes of the Schwarzhorn in the Bernese Oberland region. Popularly known as the cable car station it is above the town of Grindelwald. Grindelwald First is a hikers' paradise and is also the destination of the classic hike: Schynige Platte-Faulhorn-First.

The views are breathtaking! See for yourself below.

Happy memories of Grindelwald First

Gondola ride

Before starting the vacations, we told our toddler son about the trip and whenever we asked him later about where we are heading to, he had only reply. "I'm going in the cable car! I'm going to the mountains!" That's it, same answer everytime. He got so fascinated by the last cable car ride we had in Spain, that it was never forgotten. His latest bed time stories now also revolve around cable cars and snow mountains. Providing the kind of experience children need and getting closer to their desires is every parent's wish and Switzerland did that for us, well.. at least cable cars so to say! 🙂

Adrenalin Junkie jumping high

Grindelwald adventure
Grindelwald first top of adventure

There is not one or two but several ways to experience the adventure sports of  Grindelwald First. Our first hand experience of the Gondola cableway (the cable car) was just a starter. The adrenalin junkie in us was waiting for adventure to happen as soon as we reached the top. While there are certain limitations when you have a toddler accompaning you at such high mountain peaks, but it should not stop you from eperiencing what you desired. We will post the best way to experience Grindelwald with a toddler in our next post. But here's a glimpse of the sports we did. If you love adventure sports, we suggest to not miss this place. It had world-class standard safety, helpful staff, something for everyone, and comfortable halts that you and your child can enjoy as well as relax when needed. All inall Grindelwald added to our list of happy memories.

First flyer
first glider
First cliff walk

Important things to consider at Grindelwald with young kids

These are nothing new, but sometimes we tend to forget one or the other. Make sure you pack all of them before heading to Grindelwald with your young ones.

  1. Wear layers! There can be times the sun is bright hot despite of the snow or super windy even when the sun is at its peak. Layering will provide ease of change as desired.
  2. Don't forget the glasses! It's a Narnia land out there. The snow is whitest white and when the sun shines, it gets difficult to keep your eyes wide open. You wouldn't want to miss out on the beauty of this place with your eyes closed when flying on the First Flyer. Sun glasses for kids is also a must. They might hurt their eye with such hues.
  3. Pack food! While there is a restuarant at Grindelwald First and a 'picnic' spot where Gondola ends, packing food for your kids is always good idea. It can get crampy during holiday season.
  4. Keep timetable handy! The Gondola rides ends around 5:30-6:00 PM in the evening while the First flyer and First Glider ends at 4:30 PM. A plan of action for your action packed adventure is a definite must.
  5. Stroller trivia! If you can skip the stroller, please do that. If not, you will have to park it somewhere outside as we did at an empty space where Gondola rides end. Ofcourse after checking with the staff. Pushing the stroller on knee deep snow or on First cliff walk, (needless to say about First flyer or First glider) is a bad idea.

Stay tuned for an action packed post about Grindelwald-Top of adventure. Leave your comments below. Happy travelling!


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