Montserrat: Why should you choose magic mountains?

When in Barcelona, choosing day trips can pose a conundrum. And the dilemma aggravates if your companions are babies or toddlers. Their safety, comfort and not-so-practical demands become prime which, believe it or not, does limit your choices for adventure. Luckily, from among many options of day trips from Barcelona, opting for Santa Maria de Montserrat proved to be the highlight of our entire trip. In this post, we are listing down the top reasons to choose Montserrat. We feel you must consider these if you are a travelling parent of a toddler looking for a thrilling yet a safe adventure in Spain.

Because one must 'always take the scenic route'

montserrat view

Great philiosophers and avid-travellers have always mentioned, that when given a chance, always choose the most scenic route. Whether it is a breath-taking picturesque panoramas from a hill top or chasing melting hues of far away horizons, you are most definitely going to paint your life with colors and beautiful memories. Choosing Montserrat day trip has been the highlight of our trip to Barcelona. The place is beyond beautiful, prefectly managed by the authorities, safe, clean comfortable amenties and above all, brings you closer to the nature.

Brings you and you kids up close and personal with nature

montserrat monastery

Barcelona is one of the most livable and energetic cities in the world. With a great hustle bustle all day and night long, families specially with young kids might feel the urge to take a city-break and head to a calm and relaxed environment. If that resonates with your plan, think no further and move straight to Montserrat. At 1236 meters high, with a monastery (first constructed in 880) nestled close to the top, the nature will give you the warmest, most serene hugs here. This peaceful hill top enclosing the Basilica of Montserrat Monastery is pure magic.

Restores children's magic of believing, and your faith in the religion

Monistrol de Montserrat

Have you ever wondered that the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places? If you know the secret of these magic mountains, there is no reason to find a 'reason' to be at Montserrat. But if you were unaware like us, check out this link. Montserrat is a site of regional and spritual significance. The dramatically formed mountains hide centuries old story of local shepherd children witnessing a glooming  light and dreaming music, which they followed and saw a vision of Mother Mary with baby Jesus. Since then, Montserrat are the sacred mountains of Barcelona. Millions of tourists have visited this place to get a glimpse of the black madonna. Did you know that Santa Maria de Montserrat, is the second most important pilgrimage site in Spain?

Brings out the adrenaline junkie in you!

view from cable car

We, as a couple always try to incorporate one or the other adventure sport or a thrilling experience in our itenerary. Whether it is meeting with the sharks at an underwater aquarium, or kayaking or jet-skiing or para gliding; a little adrenalin rush intensifies the excitement and ensures you continue to have that little crazy in your lives. Of'course with a toddler, it tends to take a backseat sometimes but thankfully Montserrat contributed a tad bit. This time, it was not for us, but for our son, who experienced the 'cable car' ride for the first time in his life. Travelling 1300 metres up the mountain and back in a hanging car, is enough to excite a toddler, even if it is merely for 10 mins. There are only two ways to reach the mountain--either a Funicular or the Aeri de Montserra cable car. If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, we do suggest you opt for the cable car over the mountain train. Check out the little yellow ball in the photo below.

montserrat mountains
Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.
"It was our impromptu plan on my birthday and nothing was more special than simply being here. Montserrat was the highlight of our trip to Barcelona" - Vidhi 

Let us know what made Montserrat special for you? Leave your comments or questions in the box below. We will be glad to connect! Happy travelling and parenting.

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