5 Things To Avoid In Amsterdam With A Baby


Amsterdam is the place of free spiritedness, beautiful canals, artistic landscapes and several historical buildings spread across the city. It has also gained popularity with its red light area and the easy access to cannabis. But.. that shouldn’t stop you from planning your next trip to Amsterdam, thinking what impact will the city have on your child. Don’t bother about them. Although, there are other concerns that you should know when you bring your kid out on Amsterdam streets. We are listing those below. Other than that, it is a very lovely and happy place; a rather small city where every street has something special to offer.

1. Beware of the rash drivers.

No, we’re am not talking about the cars, but the cyclists. Amsterdam ‘thrives’ on bicycles. It is the most significant character of the city and you will see piles and piles of bicycles parked at every 300-400 km. From a 7 year old to a 70 year old, all are commuting on bicycles. One needs to be very cautious while walking down the roads. There are separate cycle tracks which means they are SOLELY for the cyclists. Do not dare to walk or slide your baby’s stroller on it because they WILL NOT  stop. You don’t want to get hit.


2. Skip planning the itinerary.

Yes, you read it right. Simply book a Hop On Hop Off Bus and visit the places at your convenience. The complete city tour takes about 70-90 minutes. We were glad that we opted this bus because our little one had other plans the moment with jumped on. He slept throughout the route but since we had the day ticket, we started round two when he was up and we were ready. Hop on Hop Off is the best way to see the city with a baby. There are no time and location constraints. If you are traveling in winters, you’ll find the buses all warm and cozy. 


3. Avoid booking expensive Hotels.

Choose holiday homes, vacation rentals or simply a home away from home. We booked a pretty decent place via Airbnb and that was another great decision. Not only you are at a comfort of a home, you get a kitchen that is so necessary when you have a child with you. The anytime hunger pangs… sorted! Other than that, Hotels.nl provide some exclusive and affordable deals to choose from a wide range and style of hotels in Netherlands.


4. Avoid bulky and non-foldable strollers.

Not only carrying a non foldable stroller is a bad idea if you are commuting through buses, they are also a hassle to carry upstairs to your apartments. The houses are small, stairs are narrow and buses can accommodate only one or two at a time.

5. Day time is the best time.

While Amsterdam is beyond beautiful at night, many tourists destinations are worth seeing in the day. We missed the fun at the iAmsterdam sign because we reached late and it was alreadt dark. Also make note of the weekly holidays. You don’t want to end up on streets all alone.


If you have also faced any challenge in Amsterdam, do share with us. We’d like to know more about your experience in Amsterdam. Leave a comment below.

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