Kid’s suitcase: Strategically pack to fit more in

Let's admit, there is no term called as mommy bag or daddy bag when there is a toddler travelling with you. Your kid's suitcase is the most important luggage you need to carry (sighs!). Ever since we have been travelling with our toddler, we are constantly juggling with what to pack and what to avoid. This, and baby food is actually the first thing on my mind every time we decide to step out. While I can say we are on the right track, there is still a long way to master the art of travelling light.

In this blog I am going to share some key ideas that I have learnt reading several notes and blog posts that might help you plan you kid's travel bag. I follow these while packing and assertive that these strategic packing styles will help you as well.

  1. First and foremost, build a list the old school way. Put it somewhere you can glance everytime, either on the fridge or in your phone so that it constantly reminds you of the stuff that you need to buy, clothes you need to wash, food you need to prepare etc.
  2. Try them on! Like it or not, you wouldn't be happy to see if your kids have outgrown the clothes you packed for them. It is always a good idea to check whether it fits or not before you stuff them in the bag.
  3. Bundle packing! I always follow this rule. Bundle packing is where you keep all small items together in one bag. For instance, keep all baby napkins or burp cloths, pair of socks, vests etc in one bag and put in the corner or flap pocket of your bag. It saves space and keeps you sane, trust me!
  4. Fill shoe cavities with small items like your pair of socks, your chargers etc.
  5. Compact packing! Either roll up the cotton t-shirts or fold them together, its your choice. But I do recommend rolling up cotton fabrics because it prevents from wrinking, and saves you from carrying a travel iron. Check link for some cool compact packing tips.
  6. Mix and match! Try mixing and matching tops and t-shirts with trousers and skirts. This way you save on keeping bulky dresses, extra items and also helps with layering. It is always good to keep and make them wear layers so that you can easily take out or put on more depending on the weather conditions.
  7. Avoid, extra shoes!  They will not need extra shoes, a pair for traveling and walking and another pair of slippers is generally enough. Instead spare this space for some extra clothing.
  8. Spread diapers across the bag. Never keep the diaper box as is. It will take a lot of space; insead spread diapers in groups, packed in plastic bags or create a thing layer on the top of clothes.
  9. Less is more when it comes to toys. Never carrying bulky toys for travelling. I understand it is easy said than done but isn't it always good to carry small cars or dolls that they can hold in hand and be busy playing with?
  10. Pack 'em in plastic! While I have not tried this yet but I do feel vaccum packing is the thing now! Not just it can save enormous amount of space, it also keeps you kids clothes clean and manageable.

I am curious to learn if you have been following any of these styles yourself. Do share if there are more better ways to pack kid's travel bag. I'd love to hear from you. If you are looking for some diaper bag essential tips, check this link.


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