Grindelwald First with kids

How to make the most of Grindelwald first with babies and toddlers?

Like I mentioned in my previous post about sharing an action packed post in my next blog, I thought I must first share with all of you, a few pointers that might help you plan your journey better.

  1. You need to have a companion with you if you are going with kid(s) to Grindelwald. Here's why? With the 25-30 min climb up in the Gondola. you will have opportunity to hop off two halts- Schreckfeld and Bolt. At each halt you can step out, walk a little and get your adrenalin pumping high with the Grindelwalk First activities. ANd in order to hop on to eithre the First flyer or First Glider or Mountain Cart or Trott bike, your companion will most certainly have to wait and take care of the baby/ toddler. Check out more details of the activities available here.
  2. The FIrst cliff walk which is at the topmost halt of the Gondola can get super breezy and chilly. Mke ure to dre accordingly.

Our action packed Grindelwald First adventure

first flyer

Because you cannot take kids to the rides, for obvious reasons, taking turns for the Grindelwald First rides and the First cliff walk was the only way for us to make the most of this place.

Unfortnately, I am unale to upload the videos on this page (read technical glitch), hence please head on to our Instagram profile and see the fun.


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