Quick diaper bag packing checklist

There was once a time when the only question on ‘stepping out’ was “what should I wear?” Now when you a parent, your first and foremost question is “what should I pack?” rather “what all should I not pack”. Traveling light is never gonna be easy when you are traveling with kids. We’ll talk about it in other posts, but first things first. What should you keep in the diaper bags, and what things should you consider while carrying a diaper bag.

What should you keep in the diaper bags?

We have listed down some diaper bag essentials and product recommendations that you will find in almost all India mum’s diaper bags for their kids. Several of them are universally accepted and required by mums in all places and cultures.

If it helps, you can keep this list handy; take a print, stick it on your to-do wall or just hang it on with a fridge magnet. A glance through this just a moment of stepping out might help you save some trips back anf forth.

  • Diapers – I have used Pamper Pants for my little one for a long time before coming to Germany and switched to Babylove. These are comfortable and trust worthy brands however I do recommend every mom to see what best suits their child. Some diapers may cause rashes in some children while for others they would suit just right.
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper disposable bags
  • Burp cloth or cleaning clothes and towels – Another most important on the list. Whether you have a new born or infant or toddler, these cleaning clothes are going to come handy. I prefer an all cotton cloth over sythetic ones.
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Nasal drops and medicines – Traveling to different places means getting accustomed to varied climatic conditions. Getting into that nasal tunnel is not going to be easy so I do recommend keeping nasal drops and suction pump wherever you go. Saline water drops are the most recommended and safe ones to use.
  • Toys – Call it a remedy for anytime tantrum, or soothing irritable behaviour, or simply keeping them busy or distracting, toys are a must. It can be anything from a rattle or soft toy or car, depending on what your child likes.
  • Water bottle – Keep a seperate bottle for your kid. If your kid is a fussy water drinker like mine, keeping a track of what he takes is going to be important.
  • Quick bites
  • Ready to eat or sip

In my following posts I will share some ideas for quick bites that are a healthy and tasty options.

Things to consider while choosing the diaper bag for travel.

First and foremost, decide which kind of nag do you need? The sassy, stylish sometimes heavy on the pocket one? The regular comfy backpack? or the basic baby print shoulder bag. Once you have picked up your choice, check if the dimensions of that bag fit in the carry on baggage limit of your flight. While most of the flights will not question on a diaper bag but pre-proffing is always better. Many flights allow a diaper bag but not a asepearte bag with it. After this, see that it has enough pockets to keep in the stuff because there will be several mini items that might get lost and will never be found when you need them immediately. Keeping seperate compartments for medicines, edibles, and diapers is a good idea. Happy packing.


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