Barcelona with kids: Our tips for a fun filled holiday

Beach bum? Mountain lover? Football fan? Wine lover? Always ready for beautiful short trips? Not ready to get up and only soak in the sun type? I am sure your region will have something or the other to offer you. But what if you get to experience all of this and more, all at one place? Yes, dream and Barcelona has the ability to offer all of it. The catalonian culture is such a charm that it brings out the free-spiritedness in you, while simultaneously letting the parent in you provide wings to your child and help them explore this beautiful city.

We visited Barcelona in late March, primarily to run away from the never-ending Germany winters. The weather in March may not be suitable for swimming but definitely the best to roam around or soak up some sun. Barcelona in March tuned out to be is a perfect family holiday for us and so we are listing down our five top things that you can also consider doing with your kids and make your holiday a memorable one for them.

5 top things to do in barcelona with kids

Shake a leg at Cathedral of Barcelona

As much as dancing around a church may sound a little unorthodox but the ambience just outside the Barcelona cathedral is not be missed. There is always some sort of fun gathering or kids activities happening at this juncture. Whether it is simply an old man singing, or a  bubble maker attracting toddlers towards his enormous bubbles; or some locals feeding a flight of pigeons; or some groups of super-talented musicians and acrobats performing magically--this place is full of life and happy faces. It is not easy to just touch-and-go and not spend a considerable amount of time here. Let your kids absorb the free-spirited Catalonian vibes while you sip in a chilled Sangria at restaurants and cafes next to it. Do not miss the BARCA sign for some cool photo-ops!

barcelona street artists
barcelona catheral activities

Soak up the sun

For several tourists, Spain is their first choice for a winter getaway. Majorly because of its beaches and beautiful weather. If you are longing for some sun (as we were!) head  to Barceloneta beach. Perfect outdoors, pretty cafes and porches, maddening cheerful crowd, chilled beer, finger licking good tapas, sand, sun and sky! It will surely be a perfect family destination for you to relax after a tired day touring the city. Barceloneta is easily accessible by trains and buses, or even by foot. There is going to be a long stretch if you walk down from Las Ramblas but when in spain, walking tours are the best. Put your sport shoes on, keep slippers in bag, layered clothing, an umbrella, a bottle of wine-- umm, water; and you're all set to explore Catalunyan streets that take you to Barceloneta.

barceloneta beach
beach toys

A-erial adventure

Children love adventure. They knowingly or knowingly love to explore and learn from new experiences. The cable cars at Barcelona are going to be nothing short of a safe, fun and thrilling experience for your children. Whether you choose from Montjuïc Cable Car or Aeri de Montserrat, you are going to cherish this thrilling experience with your kids forever. We chose the Aeri de Montserrat (more on this coming soon in the next blog) and our toddler loved it so much, that he kept on asking for more the following days. Plan your trip a day in advance, travel light, be extra vigilant in metro stations; and consider yourself lucky and thank god if you come out safe without being pick-pocketed.

cable car

Fun times in the Funicular!

A funicular is a mountainside train operated by cable with ascending and descending cars counterbalanced. Choose between Sant Joan Funicular de Montjuïc or Funicular Tibodabo, a short trip in this will be one of your most relaxed and enjoyable experience in Spain. This option is generally chosen by parents who opt to travel higher up in the mountains where baby strollers are difficult to operate or by passengers in wheel chairs. The duration of trip in a Funicular will be longer as compared to the cable cars, that definitely amounts to more fun!


Oh my Gaudi!

So, Gaudi and Spain are synonymous. You cannot go to Spain and not know anything about his work. Most of this Spanish archtiects's one-of-a-kind projects are located in barcelona and that's what makes thsi place even more special. Parks, museums, basilicas, everything has a tremendous potential to attract the yound minds. From History to Science, Barcelona is a right place to feed the curious minds. Plan a trip that involves a tour of La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Mila and the likes. Some of these UNESCO World heritage buildings are surely going to keep your kids engrossed. Do not miss out a cute little play ground just opposite the Basilica. Its a toddlers and young children'S paradise. Grab a bite at one of the several restaurants and cafes or shop at the street markets for some pretty souveniers, at the lane just opposite the church

sagrada familia with kids

Have you been to Barcelona? We'd like to know about your expereince. Drop in your story, feedback, or concern in the comments box below. Gracias!


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