6 tips while strolling in Bangkok with a baby

6 tips while strolling in Bangkok with a baby


The beautiful bangkok brings with it an experience of a lifetime. Splendid beaches, mouth watering street food, and unlimited shopping extravaganza. It is a modest city that offers something for all the age groups. Here is our list of recommendations to keep in mind while vacationing in Bangkok with a baby.

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1. The hat trick!

Bangkok can get pretty hot during the day. Don't forget to keep your baby's cap/hat in the baby bag. Flop hats are the best option and you can also get a range in price and style from the malls and/or street markets.

2. Stroll with a stroller.

The streets of Bangkok may be narrow and get busier during peak hours, but a stroller is a must while traveling. You may find difficulty taking them up to the BTS stations but consider carrying it up one time as against carrying your baby throughout your trip. And ofcourse a stroller is comfortable for the infant while sleeping too.

3. When crowd is pain, ignore the Train.

Do not think of hoping on on the train as BTS can get really crowded, thus making it difficult for your baby and hence yourself. Take a cab if need be, or Tuk-tuks for short distances. You will need to fold/collapse the baby stroller in both cases.

4. Local day markets Vs night flea markets.

Bangkok's night life attracts many, but let us not forget we are on the road with a baby and as new parents you dread for some rest at the end of the day. Travel to Indira market or MBK mall during the day when your kid takes a nap and enjoy the street style shopping in peace. Go back to your hotel or find a comfortable restaurant nearby by the evening and enjoy.

5. Sip. Sip. Sip.

Keep yourself hydrated. Yes, that is an important reminder that you should follow should follow for yourself and your kid. It can get quite hot and humid for your baby so keep in mind to carry water or juice or milk. Tip: Buying coconut water from outside the Buddha temples is a great idea. You will get one big coconut filled with fresh coconut water for approx 40-50 Bhat.

6. Turn your 'own' battery saver mode 'On'.

Lets get real. Going out with an infant is not easy peasy. You need physical and mental energy to run after them, make them eat, make them sleep, or just simple entertain them. Avoid long walks, especially at places like the Safari World and Marine park. Keep your bag equipped with on-the-go food items--energy bars, juices, fruits, water etc.

Do you have more tried and tested tips? Share with us. We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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