A trip to the Lotus Temple in covid times

A trip to the Lotus Temple in covid times

The Lotus Temple or the Baha’i temple, built in the shape of a lotus flower, is the last of seven major Bahai's temples built around the world. It is made up of pure white marble in the shape of a Lotus flower, because it is the symbol of peace, purity, love, and immortality. Any body of any culture, religion, or faith is welcomed to visit the temple and pray or meditate.

Things to know if you plan to visit:

1. You child might confuse it with the Sydney Opera House 😂 as Arjun did. But jokes apart, no ticket, but that also mean you may have to wait in a pretty long queue if you start late in the day.
2. No washrooms in the premise! Yes. Thumbs down there. Only outside the temple that is not what would want.
3. Meditation room is locked because that will violate COVID norms.
4. Lush green well maintained landscape that is bound to bring a smile. Thumbs up!
5. Enough space to roam without bumping into anyone. We didn’t stop, sit or touch anything, it’s not required anyways. But keep your sanitisers and bottles handy.
6. Visit, take pictures, explained it to your child, enhance your knowledge about Bahai’s through a well kept museum. Volunteers are taking all precautions and strict measures to abide by the safety rules and demands.
7. No food allowed
8. Enough walking on foot

A good quite place. Recommended.


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