5 resources to help kids learn Hindi

Is it getting challenging for your kid to learn Hindi? With technology advancements and regular online learning, it has become more difficult for kids to grab Hindi words. Families, friends, acquaintances, more than 70% of them today, converse with kids in English. Westernization, or not; competition, or not; coping with the current education system, or not; whatever may be the reason, as a parent I do feel Hindi is taking a back seat and English is quite easily been picked up by parents and kids alike. Did you know, according to a report by BBC, India claimed to be the world’s second-largest English-speaking country, second only to the US? And this I am talking about 2012, you can imagine the status now! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it though, in fact I do believe that a language such as English that is so widely used for translation globally is only benefitting the newer generations as well as the country by opening more business opportunities. There are several articles that also state the (potential) harm of introducing a first language that is non-mother tongue when the child starts to speak. I will not get into the specifics of that in the blog (to each his or her own), but what I am going to share are some useful Hindi resources that parents can refer for kids so they learn Hindi quickly and happily.

  1. New for me and most share-worthy! Shoonya – I will not deny that I came across Shoonya only recently and quite impressed. As their name suggests. shoonya or Zero ‘everything starts from here. From theme based interactive lessons designed to teach
    children their first five hundred words and phrases, to designing stories and activities from a kid’s perspective, their curriculum is not limited to this. They have fun animations, dress up Avatars with clothing sourced from around the world to personalize learning experience and much more. Learn more about Shoonya here.
  2. Books never dissapoint! Tulika and Pratham – These have been my favorite recently. With bilingual books, simple and powerful illustrations, hidden moral stories, both these Indian publihing giants are doinga wonderful job bringing Hindi books to us and globally. Very nominally priced delivering across several Indian pincodes, I personally recommend them!
  3. Divide and rule! Parents – As funny or misleading it may sound, I alo feel parents play a major role in this. A suggestion that you may try out with you and your spouse or any other member of the family – where one parent speaks in English and the significant other speaks the same in Hindi. It is a fun game, trust me. I just taught my son a few words, and he grabbed them quite fast.
  4. Stories never fail. Dinolingo – Read aloud stories, ask them to build one or simply make them watch or listen. There is no derth of Hindi stories videos online, either on YouTube or stand alone websites such as Dinolingo.
  5. Workbooks. Key2Practice – Lastly, but not the least, practice makes a human perfect! or okay close to perfect! I highly recommend additional learning resources such as practice sheets of workbooks to reinforce the learning. These workbooks not just help in reinforcing the class room teaching but also helps in understanding the concept effectively. One such educational resource is the Hindi workbook by Key2Practice. Easy to comprehend, age-appropriate, comprehensive sheets are a must try.

Hope these resources and practices will prove helpful for you in teaching Hindi to your kids. Drop in your comments.

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