5 easy and unique ways to preserve travel memories

5 easy and unique ways to preserve travel memories

Traveling is believed to have a profound effect on life. It changes your perspective, improves your health, makes you smarter, happier and more aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, with the current covid situation that is prevailing around the world, traveling has taken a back seat. Leave alone going to the other parts of the world, moving for leisure even within your state has become a challenge. However, that must not stop here. We all have had our share of travel in the past. Some to far off and distant places, or some to a close-by weekend getaway. The next best thing we can do today is to relive those travel memories. There are several ways to store your trip memories but I am going to share the very best, economical and unique ways to freeze those beautiful moments for the times to come.

1. Put them on display


What is quicker than taking a print and putting them up on a wall? Make a wall of memoribilia. Choose your favorite pictures, and bring them on to papers of your liking, and get-set-go on a journey to your happy place! If you want to have it even quicker, simply opt for a good online printing service and viola! I recommend opting for Zoomin for quick, cost effective and high quality printables. You may check out their webite for several options of square prints and more. So get-set and give your boring walls some pretty makever!

2. Personalize your fridge magnets

fridge magnet

While collecting souveniers such as fridge magnets is a wonderful way to bring home that little piece of the place you have been to, but how about having one personalized? Thats sounds great, right? I do have a habit of collecting fridge magnets from every city or country I go to, but I cannot undermine the happiness you get after putting up a picture magnet of yourself and your family. These little things maketh a home, isn't it? Again, not going any further because there is a one-stop shop for all your travel memoribilia needs. Check out Zoomin's magnet range for your fridge. Just choose your picture and make your fridge the most loved place of your home. (Of'course the food inside makes it special already but lets be honest, fridge magnets dresses up her pretty well too, isn't it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Create a travel digital photo book

Another easiest and coolest way to preserve your travel memories is to create a digital travel diary. Books are the best, we all agree to, but books with you in them makes them more special. These digital photo books also make a perfect gifting options. Best friends wedding coming up? Or a birthday or even days like friendships day, you can simply go back in the past, find some great pictures of you and the person you want to gift it to, get the prints and Gift! Friendship and happy memories locked in forever!

3. Send postcard to your friends

You really do not need to Google for 'free-beautiful-high-res-landscapes' for creating postcard at home. Just pick your best travel picture, order the prints and they are ready to be shared with the ones who mean the most to you. Tell them everything about your vacation with that one uber cool picture of yours on the postcard!

4. Present a past

gift a memory

Well quite literally! One of the quickest and easiest way of gifting is sending a personalized one to them. From a wide range of items available online, there is no derth of personalized gifting options. As friendships day, Rakshabandhan and Independence day and so many more celebrations approaching, how about picking up the best picture from your last get-together, and gifting it to your friends and family? It is going to be worth any luxurious or extravagant gift I tell you, because a touch of personlization never fails!

5. Make it large!


Deep dive in the ocean of love with large sized posters for your bedrooms. Do you know that visualizing the images either in your mind or physically, manifest into reality? Well something like that really happened with us. (A long story short - My husband had save a beautiful landscape picture on his Instagram many many months ago because he really liked it. Unknowingly, and not remebering about it at all, we went to the exact location in Switzerland. It was only after some months when he saw the saved Instagram post and recalled it. I believe his sub-conscious mind manisfested those thoughts to become reality.) Now imagine, having a beautiful travel memory adorning your bed room wall, might only call for another trip on cards very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

There are several other ways to preserve your travel memories. And most of them are just simply a click away. Try out new ways and comment below with your ideas. I'll be happy to read and try one!


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